Welcome to SAS Alumni Store

Based in Akron, Ohio, we offer official SAS merchandise to alumni, parents, teachers and friends.

Since our launch on 2/22/22, we've shipped to 21 countries and over half of America, demonstrating just how far the SAS Eagle Spirit travels.

This store is a partnership between the Singapore American School and Explorers Republic, an e-commerce platform founded in 2017 by Ed Gaffney, SAS Class of 1987.

Explorers Republic, under a multi-year royalties license from the Singapore American School, provides product sourcing, design, printing, order fulfillment and customer service for the SAS Alumni Store.

Interim Semester Scholarships

Interim Semester is a required off-campus experience designed to enhance the SAS experience by providing high school students with diverse educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

Interim Semester courses offered vary slightly from year to year, but range from activities in Singapore to excursions to other nations in Asia and beyond.

Purchases made at the SAS Alumni Store fund scholarships allowing more SAS students to experience the magic of an Interim Semester adventure.

Produce in Akron, Sell Globally

All printing and embroidery for the SAS Alumni Store takes place in Akron, Ohio - home of the Black Keys, DEVO and the Pretenders.

We could mention Lebron James, but everyone knows he's from Akron.

The amazing, sometimes multi-generational, family-owned businesses that we work with take pride in their people and stand behind their work.

As much as possible, we try to source all merchandise and services from similar, locally-owned family businesses. 

Produced to Order

The SAS Alumni Store is the first US business to domestically produce official merchandise for an international school not located in America.

With the exception of Sale items, all our products are custom made and produced to order.

Yes, it does take longer. But it's worth it. 

Sort of like flying to Singapore ...

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