Merch that Honors the Past

Merch that Honors the Past

Back in December 2020, an online presentation from SAS struck a note with me.

On the screen was the presenter and 4 images of places around the SAS campus that 'honor the past', which I thought was really cool. We certainly didn't have that at Kings Road in the 80s.

So I took a screen shot and forgot about it.

Until yesterday.

After nearly 17 months of planning and development, this little business finally turned on. But unlike past apparel brands we've launched, I realized recently that this venture has a much bigger purpose than just selling clothes with SAS on the front. 

With the SAS Alumni Store, we're 'honoring the past'. 

While our designs will mean different things to different people, it's our hope that you'll find something you like and that helps you remember your time at SAS. 

And if you don't see anything now, keep watching this blog since we'll be dropping new Limited Edition designs weekly. 

Thanks for your support ! 

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